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Looking for a unique yet marketable product that your organization can sell to raise money? We are the makers of the appropriately named answer: Spoonfudge!

Spoonfudge! is a delectable treat that comes two jars to a set! Each set retails for $16.00. Your group or organization keeps 25% of the total sales. Spoonfudge! also provides you with all order forms and promotional material. Furthermore, we can add your organization name to each jar of Spoonfudge! along with a custom message, if you'd like.

Spoonfudge! doesn't have huge minimum orders or quotas that you have to meet, either. Our lowest tier requires only 40 sets of Spoonfudge! to be sold.

Spoonfudge! offers value added and stress-reducing features as well. We can gladly ship each order of Spoonfudge! to the appropriate purchaser for $10 per order (your organization earns nothing on shipping.) Or, if you prefer, we can separate Spoonfudge! orders by fundraising participant and package them in our convenient cardboard carrying boxes which will be shipped directly to the organization for dispersal (requires additional shipping charges.) Still yet, we can place all orders in one big box and ship them to you for a flat rate based on your quantity sold.

If you are interested in Spoonfudge! fundraising and would like more information, please email sales@spoonfudge.com. We answer all requests in 1-2 business days.

No matter who you choose for your fundraising needs, we wish you the best of luck!

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